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New York Jets Release CB Dimitri Patterson

The Struggling Cornerbacks Suspension Ends Early

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

If you are one of the countless Jets fans who have taken to our boards over the past couple of months to sound off on cornerback Dimitri Patterson, today might as well be an unofficial holiday for you. Take the rest of the day off and have a cook out. Dimitri Patterson has been cut.

The only reason this is at all surprising is because the Jets are painfully thin at the cornerback position. So much so that safety Antonio Allen famously subbed in the role as a starter against A.J. Green and the Cincinnati Bengals. The aging Patterson has played for 7 teams in less than 10 years, only finishing one full season with the Philadelphia Eagles. After a career full of injuries and only a few starts with minimal results, it was kind of shocking to see John Idzik place so much faith in Patterson as his number two CB behind Dee Milliner, who also has a thorough injury history as we are seeing currently.

It became increasingly unlikely that Patterson would be able to save a working relationship with the New York Jets when he went AWOL from the Snoopy Bowl. For a week now Patterson has disputed these reports and openly called the Jets FO, specifically Rex Ryan and Idzik, dishonest for their portrayal of the events surrounding his disappearance from the Giants game.

Either this is a conspiracy by the Jets FO to hatchet Patterson in order to save money when they have one of the greatest amounts of cap space in the league, or Patterson is a BS artist and not a very good one at that. Patterson has continually dug himself a hole in the media by disputing his bosses and calling them dishonest without presenting any evidence of his own. Dimitri Patterson has no credibility.

I'm just relieved this debacle is over so soon. I never thought Patterson would finish the year with the Jets, but not because of bad behavior. When he was on the field he looked awful, and his play certainly does not make up for his personal baggage. Good riddance.

Your thoughts?