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Stephen Hill's Agent Rips New York Jets


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Stephen Hill channels his inner Benny Hill
Stephen Hill channels his inner Benny Hill
Jeff Zelevansky

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In little league many many years ago when I still had a full head of hair, there was this kid with enormous potential. When he hit, he hit hard and far. He could hustle, he could steal, he knew the game well. He had a decent arm, too. But the poor kid couldn't catch for all of the Big League Chew in the world. Even worse, he was a flincher. He closed his eyes every time the ball got thrown to him with results that would have been hilarious if it wasn't the embodiment of pathos.

One day that kid managed to overcome his blinking problem and became the teams best hitter. I still wonder to this day if a person can just sort of wake up in their 20's and begin to develop like a young person can at sports. But never mind my that dorky kids battles with adversity.

I awoke from a recurring dream where Jenny Vrentas parachutes onto the field of MetLife in a brides dress and proclaims to all of New Jersey that I will be replacing all other candidates for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive to see that Stephen Hill had been cut. At first I was furious because usually the next part of the dream involves Jan from Toyota and Lily from AT&T suggestively eating a Sabrett's Dog to the middle a la Lady and the Tramp.

Once I got over that, I was elated to see Hill cut from the Jets roster. I wish Stephen Hill all the best in furthering his career, whether that be football or something else, but it was time to move on. Hill is still young at 23 and was always considered a "project" wide receiver, so there is still an argument to be made for some team making a run at Hill. Hill could find a home on a team even more WR-needy than the New York Jets , such as the Cleveland Browns. A rival team such as the New England Patriots could give Hill a chance in a better offensive system. Twitter is already aflutter that at least three teams are interested in Hill.

This won't necessarily translate into an immediate contract for the freshly waived WR - especially when you consider how thin the Jets were at the position when they decided to go ahead and cut Hill anyway.

Hill finished his career with the Jets with a dismal showing in the preseason finale against the Philadelphia Eagles last Thursday. Hill had one catch for 13 yards and another one of his famous drops. Even worse, the one pass he did catch seemed to both hurt his hands and completely gas him. Hill was pulled and never came back again. Not exactly riding off into the sunset.

That would have been that, but a bitter agent has some scorn for the Jets to share with the media. USA TODAY caught up with Alan Herman (Hill's agent) who had this to say:

"I'm disappointed in Idzik and Rex with the way the whole thing went down there,''

"Two years in that kind of situation is disheartening.

"He didn't have a chance that first year with that whole Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez fiasco. ... His second year, Geno Smith was learning how to play quarterback. So they never threw the ball deep because they wanted to simplify things for Geno."

"I would think the Browns would put in a claim," Herman said. "(Coach Mike) Pettine knows him and they need receivers and Stephen can stretch the field."

Herman isn't exactly doing Hill any favors by immediately slamming the team that drafted and held onto him for two years in spite of his total lack of tangible production or consistency. Will this affect Hill's long term employability? Probably not. Even though I sharply disagree with the Hill camps assessment, there is some truth to the notion that the Jets are a total nightmare on offense and have been for a while. Whether Hill is a cause or an effect of it is for you to judge.

Still, I wouldn't knock one dysfunctional offense while in the same breath pining to join an equally or worse underperforming team in the Cleveland Browns. If you paint your camp as a bunch of malcontents and you have no production to speak of, I'm not sure if it's wise to rely on Mike Pettine's familiarity with the embattled receiver and disdain for Rex Ryan as the ace up your sleeve. Maybe if you're a camp cut caliber talent, you should take the high road and have your representation do the same.

This reminds me of the Sanchez departure. The team gives you years to show them something and when you fail under multiple coaches and executives, it's their fault for the way they handled you. Is the some truth to it? Probably. But nobody has done Stephen Hill more disservice than Stephen Hill, except maybe his agent.

What are your thoughts on the Stephen Hill cut?