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Washington Redskins Release RB Lache Seastrunk

The New York Jets should grab him.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

During the preseason, there are always players that get cut which surprise me. As fans do not know everything that goes on behind the scenes, it's hard to say why. It could just be a matter of numbers, roster politics, or a player could be a head case behind the scenes. We don't know.

One surprise thus far has been the release of Washington Redskins running back Lache Seastrunk. Seastrunk is a former star from Baylor University, and you can read my scouting report on him here. Seastrunk is now available, so I propose the New York Jets make every effort to sign him. Between Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson, and Bilal Powell, the team can afford to stash Seastrunk and let him develop while the Big Three dominate this year in the run game. As Seastrunk has many similarities to a younger CJ2K, he could stand to watch and learn from the master and get ready to take over when Johnson leaves.

What do you think? Would you sign Seastrunk?