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Rex Ryan ensures Michael Vick Gets His Perfect Moment Against the Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick didn't expect to play Thursday night in Philadelphia, but he got that chance anyway.

Evan Habeeb

One year ago Rex Ryan left Mark Sanchez in a game which would end his Jets career, he would be blasted for that decision on every forum, every blog and every radio station in America. However his touching gesture that allowed Vick his moment should be praised.

Vick was the solo captain, and then trotted out for the first snap of the game. After handing the ball off, the Jets called a time-out while withdrawing Vick from the game. He slowly walked off the field waving to the crowd as the applause boomed down, it was in affect Ryan's way of giving Vick his moment and giving the Eagles fans their chance to show their appreciation, in a game full of bravado, smack talk and violence, it was a nice moment that I doubt Vick will forget.

When asked about it, Rex said:

"It was my decision. Obviously, I know what Mike thinks of his time in Philadelphia, the people in Philadelphia. And obviously I know how Philadelphia thought of Mike, the city of Philly, and the Eagle fans. I just thought it was an appropriate thing to do, to kind of send him off that way."

Nice move Rex, nice move!

I know a lot of people were not happy with the signing of Vick and I appreciate why. However this isn't about his merits as a person, this is his ability on the field, something he had in abundance. Vick was obviously touched by the moment and when he had time to react, he had this to say:

Nothing can ever take away from your experiences, your memories that you create with your teammates, with an organization that's first-class and flagship," Vick said. "I appreciated everything that they offered me and everything that I was able to offer."