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Is Stephen Hill's Attitude & Lack Of Desire A Problem?

We can't escape the fact that if Hill is cut, he will go down as a major NYJ bust, but are we the only ones who care about that?

Rich Schultz

This morning I was looking through some Stephen Hill articles, I really wanted him to work out and I was looking for a reason for the lack of development, however I came across one article and the headline was as deflating a headline as I'd ever seen, it simply read:

Stephen Hill doesn't seem too worried about being cut

It was a Newsday article by Kimberley Martin, not one who often reaches for sensational claims and attention grabbing headlines with no substance. It was easy to see why she penned this title when you read the first few paragraphs of the article:

Asked if he's earned a spot on the Jets' 53-man roster, the wide receiver flashed a puzzled look. "Yeah? Like, I don't know why I shouldn't. But yeah," Hill said, giggling.

So what exactly makes him so confident?

"Honestly -- next question," he said, laughing again. "Next question."

This is a man who is likely to be unemployed next week. The fact he managed just one reception for 13 yards in the back-up bowl speaks volumes. Rex all but said he was on the cusp of being cut when he spoke up every other wide receiver. Hill comes back with a few giggles, a 13 yard performance and an attitude that screams he doesn't love the game.

You can teach someone how to run better routes, you can teach someone how to high point the ball and you can teach someone to use their hands to gain separation, you can't teach someone how to play with heart, how to play with passion and how to leave absolutely everything out there on the field. He doesn't seem concerned that he's not getting targets or catching the football, that the coach may cut him next week and that he could be seen as a failure. At least that's the impression that he gives.

Ryan has said he'll look at the tape and then make a decision

"We've got to really look at this tape and we'll see one way or the other," he said. "But again, I just think overall it was a poor performance. I can't tell you, really, who jumped out."

Ryan also defended his decision to pull Hill after five drives.

"Well, I mean, how about the other guys?" he asked. "You're trying to get a look at everybody, not just one player. You're trying to look at a lot of different players and give some young guys an opportunity as well."

My gut tells me that Hill will get a few more months and one more year. I can't justify that and if he is cut, that would be a surprise to nobody, there is just something that tells me he will get one more chance.