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Jets vs. Eagles Final Score: Eagles 37, Jets 7

Eagles ground Jets. Games that don't count with scores that don't matter finally end.

Evan Habeeb

The New York Jets brought their preseason to a close with a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles tonight at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  In a riveting contest filled with all the drama to be expected in the final meaningless game of the summer, the Eagles prevailed by the score of 37 - 7.   The Eagles backups, scrubs, NFL wannabes and never will bes showed their Jets counterparts a thing or two about the game of (sort of) football.  The Jets couldn't stop the Eagles' ground game, getting gashed for more than 270 rushing yards.  Fortunately, there was a silver lining for the Jets' defense as they showed great balance, also getting destroyed by the Eagles' passing game, to the tune of almost 300 yards passing and a couple of TDs.

In the scintillating battle for the perhaps illusory third QB position, Matt Simms, hero of last year's Scrub Bowl, had a somewhat less impressive outing this time around.  Simms played all but one snap of the first half and went 7 for 17 for 121 yards, zero INTs, zero TDs and zero offensive points.  An impressive performance by Simms tonight probably would have secured him a roster spot.  Now, who knows?   Simms was victimized by several drops by his receivers, but looked shaky throughout.  Tajh BoydoInotlooklikeanNFLQB managed 7 for 12 for 92 yards,  zero INTs, 1 TD on a deflected pass, and little hope of making an NFL roster.

Tight end and local guy Chris Pantale led the Jets in receiving with 3 catches for 74 yards.  It was a nice night for Pantale, who unfortunately has no chance to make the final 53.  The legend that is Clyde Gates caught the Jets only TD on a deflected pass.  Is there nothing this man cannot do?  Stephen Hill did what Stephen Hill do: he managed once again to make people wonder, what the heck did we ever see in this guy?   One catch, one drop, little impact, pulled from the game in the first half. Probably the last time we will ever see Hill in a Jets uniform.  In another position battle the world watches with bated breath, the fight for the possible fifth and last running back to make the 53, Daryl Richardson led the Jets running backs with 29 yards on 11 carries and another 32 yards on 2 receptions.  If the Jets keep a 5th running back it will likely be Richardson over Alex Green, who suffered an unfortunate fumble.

Safety Rontez Miles led all Jets tacklers with 10 tackles.  Linebacker A. J. Edds once again was around the ball all night, registering 7 tackles.  If Mr. Edds does not get a spot on the 53 man roster the whole competiony thing will be exposed as a fraudy thing.  Nick Bellore went down with a lower leg injury; details have not yet been disclosed.   T.J. Barnes made a couple of impressive plays in the middle.  In what can only be considered a shocking development in light of the ultra competitiony Jets cornerback position and the vast resources used to address the position in the offseason, the Jets cornerbacks were repeatedly burned by Charles Barkley's younger brother Matt.

I'll have more detailed thoughts coming in later.  For now celebrate the end of summer funny games filled with competitiony moments and leave your take below in the comments section.  As always in preseason, the results are of little importance but the individual performances may determine whose NFL dream continues and who is about to be Tebowed.