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Are We in the Final Days of Stephen Hill?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

This morning Schefter delivered an interesting little nugget.

One might take this as an indication the team is prepared to move on from Hill. His poor play in the preseason probably hasn't done anything to help his cause. Rex Ryan even tipped his hand a bit when it came to Hill.

It's difficult to see Hill's path to the roster at this point.

Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley are proven quality receivers. David Nelson is a fringe player, which on this team is probably enough. Salas has earned a spot in camp. Rex has singled out Hakim twice in the past three days for his work on special teams. Jalen Saunders is possibly the punt returner and a fourth round pick. He'll probably make it.

I went into detail about some of the big holes in Hill's game a few weeks back. If a blogger like me can see these things, surely people in NFL front offices could. That's probably why the Jets couldn't trade him. If they can get the Derrick Mason special, a conditional seventh based on his production, they should probably take it. Being tall and having a blazing 40 time do not a talented receiver make.