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Previewing The Eagles With Bleeding Green Nation

We are back again previewing the back-up bowl!

Rich Schultz

The Jets will conclude their pre-season schedule this week with a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. We'll then focus entirely on our game against the Raiders a week on Sunday.

Last week we previewed the Giants game with a new piece of software called Reply All, which allows people to have a real time conversation over the course of many days.

This week I'm talking to Brandon over at Bleeding Green Nation, the SB Nation blog for the Philadelphia Eagles

If you look below, you can see the conversation that we've already started and we'll be talking right up until the game. So if you want to know who's starting for the Eagles, if we'll see Mark Sanchez or read my thoughts on the Jets heading into the season, keep checking back on this thread, it will automatically update every time a reply is submitted by either myself or Brandon.