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Jets Daytime Thread 8/25

Rich Schultz

The Jets have broken training camp, but it seems like people enjoyed the discussion threads from camp so we will try out making this a daily feature and see how things go.

There was a lot of news from the Jets regarding cuts and returns from injury. Dimitri Patterson's unexcused absence from the team probably overshadowed it all. The Jets decided to go public with Patterson's disappearance. Patterson did return to the team last night.

Idzik and Ryan met with Patterson on Sunday night, according to the team. According to Rosenhaus, Patterson was dealing with a personal issue.

We will embed the glorious Twitter widget we have been using. It should have Tweets from relevant Jets reporters on news regarding Patterson and other Jets during the day. As always, if you feel like somebody else should be featured on the widget, let us know and we might be happy to oblige.