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Jets Roster Cuts 2014: Ford and Dowling Among Six Released

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have announced six additional roster cuts, bringing their roster down to 75 players. 75 is where they needed to get by Tuesday. Among the notables in this batch of cuts were Jacoby Ford, who was Garayed, and Ras-I Dowling.

Jacoby Ford

Michael Campbell

Colin Anderson

Chad Young

Anthony Grady

Ras-I Dowling

I'm not sure there are any huge shocks here. Ford was one of my top three candidates to be Garayed before camp even began. I'm not sure why anybody saw him as more than a camp body. He is a one-dimensional return guy, and that dimension is nothing special.

As far as Dowling goes, I lost track of the number of writers during OTA's who wrote some form of, "The Jets are really high on Dowling." It goes to show how much these endorsements mean in OTA's (and training camp and preseason for that matter).

Young's release likely leaves Tommy Bohanon as the fullback.