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Rex Wants Pryor To Let Loose A Little

One week after the impressive début made by first round rookie Calvin Pryor, Rex wants him to 'fire his gun'

Will Schneekloth

If you thought Calvin Pryor was a little quiet Friday night against the Giants, you were absolutely right. The Jets first round rookie failed to make much of a statement in the snoopy bowl, despite playing 46 of 63 defensive snaps. However you're not going to steal the show every single time.

Rich Cimini had a couple of quotes from Rex on the rookies performance against the Giants:

I don't know, he seemed late on a couple of things, but we'll get that done," Ryan said of his No. 1 pick. "He didn't have the monster hit or anything you're accustomed to seeing. Sometimes, they're there, sometimes they're not. Overall, I told him to just fire his gun a little bit."

As Rich pointed out, he was late on the opening play, as well as the TD play to Randle. However he's missed time over the pre-season and is still playing catch-up. I also have to imagine that he doesn't want to pick up another injury with the season so close, so I'm not surprised to see him not going all out.

Pryor is still slated to start the season alongside Landry, I wouldn't worry too much but it does temper expectations just a little bit, after he had such a promising début against the Bengals.