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Giants bring home the Snoopy Bowl, win 35-24

Devastation all around

Rich Schultz

The Giants defeat the Jets in their annual preseason matchup to bring home the coveted "Snoopy Bowl" trophy.  Eli Manning's understudy Ryan Nassib caught fire in his half of work, going 8-12 for 103 yards and 3 touchdowns.  A more comprehensive recap topic will be up tomorrow, but comment here for some quick post game reactions.  Here are some of my snap judgments:

- Geno Smith looked really good.  He looked in rhythm, confident, and played with great flow. If there was ever a QB competition, Geno likely would've won it with tonight's performance.

- Chris Johnson may still have it. I was most impressed with a 17 yard run he had where he made a stop on the dime, planted that plant foot in the ground, and exploded north/south.

- First team pass rush was great.  Though they only garnered 2 sacks this game, they made life tough for Eli all first half.

- My god, what is there left to say about Stephen Hill?  He continues to play on the first team, and it's honestly baffling.

- Quinton Coples, welcome to the preseason. 5 tackles, and blew up several plays.

- Darrin Walls should start at cornerback.  He looked solid.

- Man, Ivory looked explosive.

- Kyle Wilson is who is he- he will always be a solid man cover guy who has absolutely horrific ball skills. That makes for a guy who's second contract should be no higher than average for his position.

- The run defense was very disappointing and inconsistent. They made some great plays, but got moved off the ball a lot and the Giants were creating holes.

- Ryan Nassib though.

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