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Jets vs. Giants Game Thread

The most coveted trophy in sports is on the line.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This is it (sorta): The dress rehearsal. The last time you will see the starters play football until Week 1 when the Raiders come into town.

The Jets take on the hated cross-town Giants (maybe hated by some more than others) for the annual Snoopy Bowl Trophy. Tonight we hope to answer a few final questions, such as what happens when a stoppable force meets a moveable object (Jets secondary vs. Giants pass game)? Will Geno Smith put the clamps down on the starting job he locked up before training camp? Will Pryor continue to look like Ronnie Lott? Will Andre Williams and Rex Ryan duke it out on the sidelines? Will Stephen Hill make it to the game tonight? Does Michael Vick truly care about playing (his coaches seem not to think so)? And who is the best team in New York, clearly the highest of praises a team can obtain.

Follow the game below. As always, no asking for and/or giving out illegal internet broadcast streams of the game.