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Previewing the Giants Game With Big Blue View

I'm talking to Ed Valentine over at Big Blue View using Reply All

John Grieshop

The Jets and Giants will face off in the annual Pre-Season game at Metlife stadium this week as our starters play into the third quarter. The Pre-season by and large is about getting through to opening day without any injuries, however the third pre-season game gives you the best indication of where your team is. We have 100 questions to be answered before we kick-off for real and we have the perfect oppurtunity to answer a lot of them against the Giants.

We're using a technology called ReplyAll to bring you our conversation, which basically gives you a live feed of our back-and-forth as it's happening. So Ed and myself will continue to chat over the coming days and you can follow everything by checking back to this thread. We'll be asking each other the vital questions about injuries and available talent, strengths, weaknesses and concerns.

We started chatting last night, so you have a few messages to catch up on. Don't forget to keep checking back for all the updates:

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