green & white scrimmage

Too start geno looked as expected. Accurate deep nd short somewhat hesitant at times

Vick had good runs not as many deep throws. LOoked solid

Salas easily most impressive. Only played with the ones and twos. Id say he makes the team over ucla Shaq

Another player that impressed not from stats but from hard runs Richardson. another one I wouldn't cut

Amaro looked out of shape kinda needs more explosion wasnt impressed. Played ok no bad drops

Simms and Boyd both looked somewhat lost mostly because online overmatched

For the defense the obvious D LINE BEAST

Milliner and patterson started at corner

hyder looked like a future stud DE ..seem him rip 3 blockers for a sack one play


Reeves is soooo short but plays hard had a tip pick... impressed

Babin 3 sacks sucks in run coverage all verse backups still impressed

Rolex miles ..guy plays like a vet really was impressive good hits and break ups all over the field

Ik the OLB I kept close watch actually was very quick had a sack on vick

McIntyre one guy I never really thought was that good untill today WOW great range sack on vick bunch of tackles for loss

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