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Jets Daytime Discussion Thread 8/15

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Cortland is but a memory.

The Jets play their second preseason game in Cincinnati tomorrow against the Bengals. This team has many questions. Few will be completely answered. It is a preseason game after all. Our picture of this team will start to get a bit clearer, though. With the starters getting a half to play, this will be a better indication of where everybody is at than the game against the Colts was. It is difficult to get much of a read in two series.

This is a thread for Jets chat on this summer Friday. Talk about the game. Talk about the team. We have our Twitter widget below. It has tweets from everybody's favorite writers about the Jets. As always, if there is somebody you would like to see there who is not, let us know, and they shall be added to the widget glory.

Onto the important things, though. The Jets are getting closer to the start of the 2014 NFL season. Their second preseason game will at least begin to answer many questions, chief among them whether there might be an unconventional solution to this team's need at cornerback in Antonio Allen.

It seems like the open daily training camp threads were a hit so we'll experiment by leaving this thread open during the day for Jets and NFL discussion. We'll even throw up our Twitter widget with the important writers and see whether it still works even though they aren't in Cortland.