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New York Jets WR Eric Decker Back In Training Following Injury

The Jets' big money free agent was back in training today, and is expected to play on Saturday.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries have plagued the New York Jets this week, especially in their secondary. So when I saw Eric Decker listed as not practicing and Chris Ivory also on the sideline with the trainers, I thought the worst. However after so much bad news this week, we have some more positive news.

Eric Decker returned to practice today and is expected to be play Saturday against the Cincinnati Bengals:

Decker only had a couple of catches against the Indianapolis Colts, but even with limited reps, it was comforting to have a guy like Eric out there as a receiver, something we haven't experienced for a while.

When speaking to the media after the session, Rex Ryan also stated that he expects Chris Ivory to recover from a rib injury to play on Saturday, too.