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Report: Jets Reach Out to Asante Samuel; Won't Sign Him

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of injuries to Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle, the Jets have reached out to three time All Pro Asante Samuel, currently a free agent.

Samuel is a former Patriot, Eagle, and Falcon. He twice led the NFL in interceptions.

The 33 year old was limited to 11 games last year in Atlanta due to injuries. He has also shown signs of decline. I tend to agree with the Jets' thinking in not pursuing Asante. He seems like more of a name than a genuine answer at this point.

At this point it's not clear there will be a good solution for the cornerback position. The way the Jets played things in the offseason meant they were counting both on Milliner to become a frontline starter immediately and on him staying healthy. There wasn't much room left for a Plan B unless a quality veteran shakes loose in camp, which sometimes happens but is nothing a team ever wants to rely on happening.