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Dee Milliner Has High Ankle Sprain

Al Bello

Jets cornerback Dee Milliner has suffered a high ankle sprain.

Dee Milliner is expected to miss a few weeks with a high ankle sprain, according to a source

As far as the 2014 Jets go, this news has more significant implications than Dexter McDougle's injury. The Jets have constructed their pass defense around the idea that Milliner is going to develop into a star in his second season and be able to succeed going against the other team's top receiver. High ankle sprains take a while to heal. It's less than fortunate for this to happen in the training period for such a critical year in Dee's development.

Because of Milliner's importance in the defense, there might be a temptation to rush him back onto the field before he is fully healthy. I am hoping they avoid that temptation. I can't get out of my mind last year how Antonio Cromartie kept playing hurt and was compromised.