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Top Three Cornerbacks Injured for New York Jets

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Dimitri Patterson has been sitting out with some sort of calf injury, which I don't think is very serious. Dexter McDougle also went down with a leg injury of some sort, and while the severity isn't clear, he walked off without much assistance. Finally, Dee Milliner was just injured with some sort of ankle injury. He had to be helped off the field and couldn't put any weight on his ankle, while seemingly in a lot of pain.

It goes without saying that this is awful news. The most suspect position on the team just got worse, with the team's top three cornerbacks all injured. This leaves Kyle Wilson, Ellis Lankster, Darren Walls, Ras-I Dowling, Johnny Patrick, Jeremy Reeves, and Brandon Dixon at cornerback, not exactly a comforting sight. If the three injured players will be out for any serious time, I think it's a fair guess that we'll see the team try and trade for a starting cornerback... and they're running out of options. Let's hope it isn't serious for any of them.