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GIF Breakdown: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

Let's watch a few plays.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start this Sunday off by watching a few GIFs from the first preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts.


This is the oft-discussed throwaway by Geno Smith. Many people have criticized him for this play, but regardless of whether you think he should have taken the sack or thrown the ball away, I find it hard to believe any defensive back, and this was a starter, would have been able to intercept a ball Tommy Bohanon could barely even touch while having to go through the fullback to get it.


Here is the read-option quarterback keep play that Smith ran for a nice gain. I expect to see a lot of plays like this, because it keeps the defense on their toes by forcing them to respect Smith as a runner, which he does well. Since there has been much discussion on Stephen Hill, I'd also point out that he's responsible for a very good downfield block that lets Smith get to the first down marker.


Here is the almost-interception by Dee Milliner. Notice that he's looking back for the ball the entire way and is playing it much like a wide receiver. He should have come down with the ball, but a pass defense is better than a touchdown.


I've re-watched the game a few times, and I'm thoroughly happy with Jace Amaro's performance. Considering how much he's been criticized through training camp for his drops, he had several nice catches, including this one down the sideline. I also like that he put his shoulder down and delivered a hit instead of just running out of bounds. If it's going to take three defenders to get him down, that's a good thing from our second round pick.


I've said I wasn't particularly impressed by Jalen Saunders in this first game, but I do like the attitude he showed on this play. Although the ball is dead the moment the carrier loses their helmet, Saunders' instincts keep him going and then make him jaw off with one of the defense's players.


Finally, here is the strip-sack by IK Enemkpali that sealed the game, covered up by A.J. Edds, who earlier in the game broke a finger but came back anyway. I expect Enemkpali to stick on the final roster as a pass rusher, especially with Jermaine Cunningham now out for the season.