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Stephen Hill Has a Big Day

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Reports from Cortland indicate one of the most maligned Jets was one of Friday's stars in camp.

In a week dominated by the defense, the word out of Cortland sounds like the offense had a good day. Training camp is in many ways a zero sum game. If somebody does well, it means somebody else does poorly. For the purposes of the Jets, I prefer to hear good news about the offense because the defense is probably going to come together.

As far as Hill goes, it is way too early to say what this means. We will not know for sure whether he has improved and how much until the games start. There are weak aspects of his game such as reading coverages and dealing with physical play that are difficult to simulate with a game type intensity in practice.

So I don't think every scenario of Hill having a big camp ends in a good year. I do, however, think almost every scenario of Hill having a good year begins with a strong camp so this is surely something to like. I personally have skepticism about how much Hill will be able to provide. There are many aspects of his game that I really don't like, but nothing would make me happier than to be wrong. A breakout year for Hill gives this offense and this team a much higher ceiling.