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Why the Jets Need to Wait to Name a Starter

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past day, we on GGN have had Smackdad declare the Jets need to name Geno Smith the starter at quarterback. We have seen J-Nasty say the Jets need Michael Vick to start. I am now going to suggest a third option. The Jets need to wait to name a starting quarterback.

I find it very difficult to find valid the argument that the Jets should simply hand Geno the starting job. After roughly a half decade, I have had my fill of a young guy being handed the starting job simply because the team invested a high Draft pick in him, and he could conceivably break out. You don't necessarily need to see Geno on the field for a second season to get a strong indication he might not be the guy.

If he follows up what was on the whole a very bad rookie year and gets outplayed by a 34 year old and declining Vick after a full offseason to learn and prepare, odds are this was never going to pan out. The Jets probably ought to be in the market for a quarterback in the 2015 Draft in this scenario. The excuses are gone this year for Geno. He has a year under his belt. He knows the offense. The receiver and offensive lines are going to be equal in this competition. Beating out Vick is a pretty modest goal. If you are of the belief Geno is going to be a good starter, he ought to be able to do it.

At the same time, this doesn't mean handing the team to Vick is the right move. While there were many negative signs from Geno as a rookie, it's still plausible he will improve. Players have gotten a lot better between their rookie and second seasons. Although I think too many people use the supporting cast argument as a convenient excuse, it is plausible that Geno was dragged down by his group of receivers last year. With a better crew this year, perhaps things will look up. Giving him sixteen games no matter what is not a good idea, but there is little harm in waiting to see whether he starts showing improvement in camp. Geno is a lot younger so if he plays close to the level of Vick in the present, his future potential will trump Vick's potential contribution.

Sometimes waiting to make a decision makes sense. It does at this case at the quarterback position. The Jets need to play the best player once Week 1 hits. They should get as much information as possible to figure out which of the two quarterbacks that is.