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Geno Smith Thinks the Jets Can Make a Super Bowl Run

The Jets starting quarterback is channeling his inner Rex Ryan.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith, perhaps channeling his inner Rex Ryan circa 2010, chatted with the NFL Network Sunday afternoon, citing that he thinks the New York Jets can make a deep postseason run in the upcoming season.

Geno Smith is a confident man, that much we know. The day he was drafted in the second round by the Jets in 2013 he told reporters how the—at the time—downtrodden Jets would make the postseason. While Gang Green came up short of Smith's personal expectations, going 8-8 and finishing second in the AFC East, the message was placed that day that losing would not be accepted.

Can this Jets team make a Super Bowl run? I wouldn't go that far, at least not yet. Step one: A winning season. Since making it to two consecutive AFC Championship Games in Rex Ryan's first two seasons as head coach, the franchise has gone 8-8, 6-10 and 8-8 in the three years since, missing the postseason each time.

With the defense the Jets have and the weapons on offense they've added via free agency and the draft this offseason are they a potential playoff team? It's certainly possible. But, as constituted and from what we have seen up to this point, are they a Super Bowl team? Well, we'll see...

During these last few years the proclamations and promises of division titles and Super Bowl championships have gone by the wayside, much to the mixed reactions from Jets fans. While many have likely enjoyed the quieter, more subdued team not putting a target on their own backs, there are some factions of the fan base that miss the Rex and Co. of old.

How do you feel about Geno Smith's talk of Super Bowl runs? Discuss below.