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New York Jets: Guard Position Battle Brewing?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Jets have both incumbent starting tackles back this year, there are increasing signs Willie Colon and Brian Winters are competing with Oday Aboushi and that the top two of the three might start.

Colon is recovering from an injury, and they have been easing him back. It does seem notable, though, that he was splitting time with Winters, a starter last year, while Aboushi seemed to be playing full-time.

Camp is mainly about two things on the offensive line. First, the team has to find the five best players. Then the five best players need to learn how to play together. A competition obviously decreases the opportunities for chemistry to develop, but finding the best guys is more important. I'm glad to see the Jets might not simply be handing the job to those who held them last year.

I couldn't tell you whether Aboushi is at a point where he should be starting. Most of us will only see him for the first time in the preseason opener in a week. Reports indicate he is much better, but how much better is a mystery. It seems like at the very least he is earning a look, and the Jets are keeping an open mind. That's good.