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Zach Sudfeld Impresses in Camp

Ron Antonelli

Zach Sudfeld had people talking today in camp.


Sudfeld has looked spectacular, not in a way where he is making spectacular game-breaking plays, but in the way he is doing everything right and making no mistakes. He has been getting open constantly and catching everything that’s thrown to him. Sideline catches on out-routes, catches in traffic or as he runs past defenders not fast enough to keep up with him on crossing routes and catches while running open up the seam. He’s not Jimmy Graham, he’s not necessarily a threat to take it 70 yards into the end zone on every play, but he looks like he could very well be Geno Smith’s best friend and constantly move the chains and be a huge weapon on third-down and red zone situations.

Now keep in mind there was some similar talk about Sudfeld coming out of Patriots camp last year. Some good days at camp does not necessarily mean he is going to be a breakout star. This obviously beats the alternative, though. There is a genuine opportunity for somebody to emerge at tight end with Jace Amaro injured and reportedly experiencing some (not completely unexpected) rookie struggles.

I would take something much more modest like Sudfeld like him emerging as a quality in line blocker and providing an outlet receiver the defense at least has to account for instead of a glorified extra lineman. Sudfeld has the build to be a quality blocker and he did flash in the Saints game last year when he had extended action. He didn't look very explosive as a route runner, but he did show some burst after the catch.