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Filed under: Gets Interactive: Choose Your Profile Player

This is a little bit different but it represents a great chance for some fan interaction.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best aspects of working for SB Nation is our independence. We are not trying to compete with beat reporters, we are trying to supplement them with our own take, our own angle and our own fan perspective. This also means we don't mind pointing fans to other media outlets, which is what this article is all about today.

In my full-time work, I do a lot of social media, PR and communications work, which means interaction with your target audience or base is always key. Which is why I thought this idea from was so good.

Basically are giving fans the chance to vote for a player for them to follow throughout practice today. So instead of getting a rough round-up of how they performed, you get a detailed, in depth, play by play account of their day in practice. This alone is fantastic, and offers something a little different.

However have gone a step further, they are allowing the fans to vote on who they would like to see covered. The main options are HERE and you can vote in a poll.

Now we already hear enough about the quarterbacks, every media outlet follows them like the plague. So here is your chance to vote on someone a little different, here are the options:

OLB - Quinton Coples

CB - Dee Milliner

TE - Jace Amaro

DE - Sheldon Richardson

LG - Brian Winters

LT - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

DE - Mo Wilkerson

ILB - David Harris

There is an option to vote for other, however the list is very interesting. Personally I chose Dee Milliner, because of the role he'll be playing on this team this year. So I encourage you to go over and take a look and cast your vote, anything relating to fan interaction is a positive as far as I can see. We'll obviously bring you the results once publish them, but on a personal and professional level, I give a hat-tip to the guys over at NJ.Com.