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Calvin Pryor Has a Concussion

Rich Schultz

After suffering a head injury on Saturday, Jets safety Calvin Pryor has been diagnosed with a concussion.

The injury happened on a special teams play.

Maybe this will limit the work Pryor gets on special teams. It is a delicate balance trying to get the most out of the special teams unit while not putting players at more risk for injury than is necessarily.

I tend to fall on the side of limiting the time important players get on specials. Pryor is going to be a lot more valuable to the Jets at safety than he will be on special teams. The guy replacing him on specials is unlikely to represent a huge drop in value for that role.

As far as the injury goes, we'll have to wait and see. Concussions are always a big deal, and it probably is something of a concern for a guy who profiles as a big hitter.