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Jets Training Camp Thread 7/27

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It's another day at camp for the Jets.

The big news out of yesterday was bad. Rookie first round pick Calvin Pryor suffered a head injury. Hopefully this does not cause him to miss too much time. As one might expect from a first round pick, he is expected to be an important part of the defense. This camp is important for him to learn the ins and outs in a way it isn't for more established guys like David Harris and Muhammad Wilkerson.

Currently it's overcast and 70 degrees in Cortland. It is expected to reach the 80's, and thunderstorms are a possibility.

Feel free to leave thoughts below on what you are hearing out of training camp. We have a Twitter widget posted to share with you the news from many of the Jets writers who matter in Cortland.

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