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Notes From Training Camp - Eric Allen Style

How great is it that we finally have some football to talk about. Today saw the Jets put on the pads for a little contact work and Eric kept us updated throughout the day.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Additional Notes

  • Dee Milliner apparently had a rough day in the field, Eric mentioned one long touchdown he gave up, but from other reports, he was losing his coverage battles.
  • Michael Vick sounds as though he had a great day in the field, despite only getting 3 reps with the first team. He finished the day 6-7.
  • Happy to see that Winters had a strong practise, in contact drills against this defensive line, any impressive performances count for something.
  • We'll update you as soon as we can on the injury to Pryor, hopefully it was just a precaution taking him out of the game in a physical drill.
  • Chris Johnson is not injured, he was just getting a rest today. The Jets have consistently said they will be smart with the veteran. It did give a chance for Powell to shine and apparently he did just that.
  • A better day for Shaq Evans today who took some heat yesterday for a poor practise, he hauled in a beautiful long touchdown from Boyd.
  • Good to hear that Amaro is getting more into the game with a couple of nice completions on rollouts over the middle. That will be his bread and butter especially in year one.