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New York Jets Rookie Calvin Pryor Picks Up Injury In Training Drills

The Jets first round safety is watching practice from the sidelines after picking up an injury early.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more interesting battles this Summer will revolve around the performance of the Jets safeties. With the Jets having a weaker cornerback group (on paper) than they have done in many years, there will be more pressure on the safeties to perform to a high standard. The Jets will be relying heavily on first round pick Calvin Pryor.

Landry and Allen took over first team duties, and we'll know a lot more later as to the extent of the injury picked up by Pryor. Pryor has been having a solid camp alongside impressive performances from Antonio Allen. Landry is of course the old head in the group, but I have the feeling (from what  I've heard and read) the Jets want Pryor and Allen to rise to the top of the group and become the starting tandem.

The Jets were conducting rushing drills this morning, a little bit of contact to get the blood flowing. Let's hope we keep the injuries down to a minimum, we can't afford to pick up any long term problems with our back four.