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Jets Training Camp Thread 7/26

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a big day in Cortland. The Jets put on full pads for practice for the first time. So even though the results of this practice likely aren't going to be too important, the way players perform is probably a bit of a better indication of where they are than the first two days.

Jeff Cumberland and Chris Ivory made their returns yesterday. Antwan Barnes and Willie Colon are still out. It is impossible to say for sure without actually seeing things, but most reports seem to indicate Geno Smith is off to a strong start and has the early edge for the starting quarterback job.

Conditions look like they will be overcast and in the 70's.

You can use this thread to leave your thoughts about what we're hearing from Cortland below.

Below is a listing of what Jets writers at camp are saying from practice.