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Jason Babin: Linebacker?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jets signed Jason Babin, I noticed something interesting about the position the team listed him to play.

Babin was a defensive end last year with Jacksonville, but he was listed as a linebacker. Today we got more news about the Jets viewing Babin as a linebacker.

Babin's breakout year in 2010 came playing defensive end playing primarily the nine technique lined up with his hand in the dirt far on the outside. He played in a similar scheme in Philadelphia, and while the system was different in Jacksonville, his role was relatively the same.

I hope this isn't a case where the Jets get too stuck in their scheme and ask Babin to play a ton standing up. He did rush as a linebacker at times with the Jaguars. The Jets are also sure to have him with his hand in the dirt. This is a defense where people line up all over the place, which will mean snaps in his comfort zone. Babin is at his best, though, lining up on the outside as a defensive end and speed rushing. For what it is worth, all 7.5 of his sacks last year came with him rushing as an end. It's fine if they want to have him rush standing up to show the offense a different look from time to time, but it might be a mistake having him do it on a regular basis.