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Jets Training Camp: The Day in Quarterbacks

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a limited look at how Geno Smith and Michael Vick performed in training camp today.

The quarterback position got quite a bit of buzz today as John Idzik spoke with the media. People are reading a lot into his comments, but few officials on any team with a quarterback competition are going to say anything of substance at this time of the year.

Geno is getting more reps, but that's not necessarily a mistake. As a young player trying to establish himself, he needs the reps to improve more than Vick does. An established guy like Vick wouldn't need the same type or preparation, particularly since he already knows the playbook inside and out playing under Marty Mornhinweg for four seasons.

If Geno shines, he is going to start, and that's the way it should be. The best thing that could happen to the Jets is for their young quarterback to show promise at the position.

I do question the tone of those who say all he has to do is avoid melting down in the preseason to win the job. All he has to do? He melted down in the one game he played last preseason. There were stretches last year that went on far too long when he melted down. Geno needs to prove he can play steady ball. Doing that would show signs of growth.

So far it seems like he is off to a good start. Hopefully he can keep it going.