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Jets Training Camp: Everybody Passes Conditioning Test

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Here is some good early news out of Cortland.

Rex also noted this was the first time in his six years everybody made it. Players have to pass the test to be able to practice so while small news, this is good news. Everybody can get out there on time aside from Willie Colon and Antwan Barnes who are on the PUP list.

I can't hear about conditioning tests without thinking of Jeff Otah's legendary tenure with the Jets two years ago. He couldn't pass the test with seven days to make it, and the trade the Jets made with the Panthers to land him was nullified. He hasn't been in the NFL since.

You know passing isn't  necessarily a formality if you have been following the NFL these last few days. Marcel Dareus made headlines in Bills camp for failing his test.