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The Wolves Are Coming

Warning: Green Kool-Aid Alert.

The New York Jets have the best defensive line in the National Football League. There, I said it. Not only are their starters in Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Damon Harrison phenomenal, but they have the most depth in the league as well. Wilkerson and Richardson are backed up by Quinton Coples, who can slide back into the interior if needed, along with Jason Babin and IK Enemkpali. Harrison is backed up by Kenrick Ellis and Leger Douzable, both of whom could likely start on most teams. Collectively, they are the wolves, and they'll rip you apart.

Opposing quarterbacks better pray their offensive lines are up to the task. They better throw everything they have at the wolves, or the next time they'll see them is from the flat of their back. Try to stop Wilkerson with a double team, and Richardson will be right behind him. Try running the ball, and Harrison will be there like a brick wall to stop you. Think you can beat them by passing the ball, and you'll have Babin flying towards you from the Wide-9. They are versatile, and they can do it all.

Beware. The wolves are coming.