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Jets Training Camp: Three Who Might Be Garayed

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last year Antonio Garay seemed like a good low risk signing. The veteran nose tackle had a good track record at what appeared to be a position of need for the Jets. Garay did not make the Week 1 roster in part because Damon Harrison burst onto the scene during training camp and preseason. The need for Garay evaporated.

Here are three players who might meet the same fate this year. None have the track record or are projected to play as important of a role as Garay was, but young players with similar skillsets might yank their roles.

Jacoby Ford

Ford's first problem is he doesn't bring much to the table at his natural wide receiver position despite blazing timed speed. He has 57 receptions in 38 career games. He is almost exclusively a return man. The issue for him is the team's selection of Jalen Saunders in the fourth round. Saunders averaged over 15 yards per punt return at Oklahoma last season. He also ripped off a 55 yard return the only time he ran a kickoff back in 2013. Saunders and Ford have similar skillsets to the point there might not be room to carry both of them. Provided the younger fourth round pick shows he can play, he will likely get the nod.

David Nelson

The big bodied possession receiver might face a challenge from the other two receiver the Jets drafted. Shaq Evans is four inches shorter than Nelson, but he projects as the same time of chain moving complimentary target. Quincy Enunwa has perhaps a higher ceiling than The Big Aristotle. He flashes explosion  but also seems very unrefined technically coming out of a run heavy option offense in college. At 27 years old Nelson has probably hit his ceiling so either young guy coming in and playing at a comparable level off the bat might have a chance to take his roster spot.

Caleb Schlauderaff

Schlauderaff has gotten three years to make an impact. His playing time has been minimal. Perhaps the greatest indictment on his level of play is how little of a look he got when the Jets were looking for an answer at guard last year. The Jets have used four Draft picks in the last two years on interior linemen. The team is also allegedly high on Dalton Freeman, who also could fill the role of Schlauderaff backing up all three interior spots. Of the three men on this list, Schlauderaff is probably the most likely to see his Jets career end before Week 1.