Chris Ivory: Dracarys

// Chris Ivory 2013-14 Season Highlights HD // (via //Ginja Ninja//)

While one Chris tries to talk himself into having another 2,000 yard season, the other remains quiet as he waits for the chance to let his game do the talking. One Chris spits memories, the other Chris spits fire. The other Chris never got nothin he couldn't take. The other Chris runs like each carry is his last. The other Chris runs like he's running for his life, like he's willing to kill whatever gets in his way.

I love that we've heard absolutely nothing from Chris Ivory as of yet this summer. I'm sure many have made attempts to get his thoughts on the Chris Johnson acquisition. Of course he's not thrilled about it. But he's taken snaps before, and he'll take them again. When it's time to talk, he'll let his game do the talkin. He doesn't breathe hot air, he breathes fire.

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