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Geno Smith is Apparently the Worst Starting Quarterback in the NFL

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Sando of ESPN spoke to twenty-six "league insiders" (editor's note: is a janitor that works at NFL Headquarters a league insider?) to have them rank the thirty-two starting quarterbacks in the league. According to these individuals, Geno Smith is the worst of the bunch. I encourage you to click over and read the rest, but here's what they had to say about Smith:

Geno Smith, New York Jets (4.48 average rating)

It's too early to write off Smith. Some coaches in particular had a hard time placing any QBs in the fifth tier. To them, a Tier 5 QB would be a backup, not a starter.

"Would a five be an Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell?" one coordinator asked. "I think the way Geno Smith played last year was close to that. He was a rookie and he struggled and some of his reads were poor, but I would give him a four."

"He is young enough to make a move," a pro personnel evaluator said.

I don't think you can argue Smith was amazing last year but worst in the league is absurdly low. Especially when Ryan Fitzpatrick is #30, Brian Hoyer is #29, Matt Cassel is #28, E.J. Manuel is #27, and Chad Henne is #26. I would take Smith over any of those scrubs.