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Will the New York Jets Keep an Eye on Camp Cuts? Perhaps Not

John Idzik seems to want to keep the ship on course, instead of counting on camp cuts.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Looking to fill holes by finding available players in training camp is not something any team can count on. There is no way to tell which players will be attainable. Still, it seems like every year some quality starters do shake free. The New York Jets still have needs at some positions, notably cornerback and wide receiver. Will they scan the wire as we approach camp to see whether a good fit emerges?

This is something to keep an eye on, but I think it would come as something of a surprise. Any team sitting on as much cap space as the Jets has had multiple opportunities already to upgrade supposed problem areas and chosen to not. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling John Idzik is satisfied with areas you and I (and perhaps even Rex Ryan) might consider lacking.

I cannot say I have a definite read on Idzik, but the early returns suggest to me he is not the kind of guy who is going to adapt on the fly and leave no stone unturned. He seems more like the kind of guy who has a firm idea of where he wants to go and keeps the ship on that course. That isn't necessarily right or wrong. Only time will tell that.

I would just be surprised if the Jets made many moves of note in camp. If they do, it certainly wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.