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Jets Ranked 14th Most Valuable Franchise in Sports by Forbes

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes magazine is well-known for estimating the values of sports franchises. They value the Jets at $1.38 billion, 14th most valuable in the world.

The Jets have cut ticket prices the past two seasons, but still struggled to fill MetLife Stadium. Attendance was 93% of capacity last season, which ranked 23rd among NFL teams.

The New York market, a new stadium with plenty of expensive luxury boxes, and the overall health of the NFL are factors that play into the valuation.

Woody Johnson paid $635 million to buy the Jets so the investment has appreciated quite a bit.

It is important to note this is simply an estimate. Forbes does a great job with what little information it has, but the Jets' true value is the amount the team could command if it was put on sale today. Forbes recently has undervalued sports franchises quite a bit, most notably the Los Angeles Clippers, who were sold for almost four times the value Forbes estimated.