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NFL Sunday Ticket's Availability Expands

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Here is some good news for NFL fans. NFL Sunday Ticket, the package to watch out of market games, will be available to more people.

That's because reports that the 2014 season package will be offered on Apple iOS devices that can be watched without an actual DirecTV subscription.


As explains, "The ability to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket without a corresponding DirecTV subscription is a major victory for would-be cord cutters, who often cite live sporting events as the number one reason for keeping an active television subscription. A similar package was previously available only to consumers who could not be connected to DirecTV because of coverage issues, though the company did trial a more wide-open subscription model last year in a partnership with the Madden NFL franchise."

That $199.99 subscription would allow you to watch the Sunday Ticket apps on phones and computers. A $239.99 subscription would add access on gaming consoles. For $329.99, you could combine both services as well as get access to the Red Zone and the Fantasy Zone channels.

The NFL has been behind the times. It has been the only major sports league not currently streaming live out of market games in the United States. This seems like a step in the right direction.