Top Ten Jets We Needed To See More: Introduction

Hello GGN, your resident Super-Duper-Stitious Sports Fan MachlinT is here with another riveting series of "Top Ten Jets." Last summer I did the inaugural series with my list of the Top Ten Jets in Team History.

This year I will be continuing the series with a list of 10 Jets that had a good run, but whose runs with the team were disappointingly cut short either by injuries, contract disputes, trades, a combination of the previous three, and in the worse cases, catastrophic injuries.

The history of the Jets post-Superbowl III is filled with disappointments in every conceivable way - playoff droughts, playoff losses, Richard Todd, the 1982 AFC Championship Game, the early 1990s, Brady+Belichik, and most recently Mark Sanchez. Among all of those disappointing moments have been glimmers of hope where it looked like the team had a rising star that could bring the Jets to the brink of something special or even become a Hall of Famer (or both if lucky).

This list will highlight the Jets that came in with a bang and left with a whisper - or in some cases kicking and screaming - and left fans asking themselves the eternal question: "What if?"

This is the Top Ten Jets We Needed To See More:

Preview of #10: Which ex-Patriot made the list? Hint: It's not Tim Tebow.

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