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Jets Depth: Slot Corner

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Our next Jets depth question deals with the nickel back position.

Is there a quality nickel corner on the roster, since most teams are at least 50 percent sub defenses?

The answer here is yes. Kyle Wilson is a very good nickel corner. This does not necessarily indicate the Jets have good depth at corner, however. While the slot looks to be in solid shape, things are not particularly pretty on the outside.

The alarming thing is Dee Milliner is supposed to be the sure thing as the number one corner. This mostly seems to be based on two good games to end 2013 after what was largely a brutal rookie year. Is it possible he started to put things together? Yes. Is it just as possible those games were an anamoly? Perhaps, which is a scary possibility. It is also possible he will improve but not enough to be a quality top corner.

Again, this is the more stable spot. The other spot is very much in flux. Dimitri Patterson, a journeyman, is the likely favorite to start. Some folks are pumping up Dexter McDougle. Let's look at the facts here, though. Even if you like his tools long-term potential, he still likely has a long way to go to be any kind of a contributor. He was never an all conference player at Maryland. He seldom played the type of coverage the Jets favor, which means he'll have to learn technique essentially from scratch. He also is coming off a serious injury. These are obstacles at a position where the NFL learning curve is notoriously difficult.  While anything is possible, let's just say it's unlikely he's going to be a quality starter as a rookie.

So even though the Jets appear solid at the nickel spot, they on the whole have one of the shakiest cornerback corps in the league. Could they beat expectations. Sure, but right now there are more questions than answers.