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Jets Depth: Situational Pass Rusher

Leon Halip

We are doing a series on pertinent depth questions the Jets face. Our next one deals with what the Jets can bring off the edge.

Does your team have a designated pass-rush specialist who could play the early downs if need be?

I think the Jets rate fairly well here. Antwan Barnes is a good situational pass rusher. He has a knack for creating disruptions for passers. He is weak against the run, perhaps too weak to trust in a starting role. He was pressed into starting duty at times with the Chargers a few years back, though, and he produced. He will probably never be great at setting the edge, but you could probably protect him to a degree lining him up next to a Wilkerson or a Richardson.

I'm not wild about the Jets' starters at outside linebacker. I don't think Calvin Pace's 10 sack year was anywhere near as impressive as it looks on the stat sheet, and is unlikely to repeat itself. I also think Quinton Coples' 2013 left more questions than answers about his aptitude on the edge. I do like Barnes, though.