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Antwan Barnes Targeting Camp Return

Leon Halip

Last week Rex Ryan made a few headlines expressing skepticism Antwan Barnes would be ready by training camp in his recovery from a torn ACL. Kristian Dyer caught up with Barnes who seems optimistic.

"I’m feeling great, continuing to get stronger," Barnes told Metro New York. "I’m getting there. It does feel better, it really does. I feel it getting stronger. I’m probably past 70 percent at this point. I think it will continue to get better and continue to not just heal, but get stronger."


When asked if he thinks in his gut he will be back by by training camp, Barnes said "probably" and smiled.
Barnes is probably not a three down player for the Jets. He is likely to only see time on passing downs. This team is lacking a legitimate threat off the edge, though. There is plenty of talent on the interior creating double teams and leaving favorable matchups one on one on the outside. Despite all of the fan fare that came with Calvin Pace's 10 sack season last year, that seems unlikely to repeat itself for many reasons including age and the manner in which he is deployed. An athletic guy like Barnes could make a big difference even as a part-timer. He has to get healthy first.