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New York Jets: Who Will Be This Year's Whipping Boy?

Jeff Zelevansky

Every year there is one player who comes to symbolize the fans' frustration with a team. This isn't just with the Jets. Almost every fan base picks out a whipping boy, the guy who can do no right. The treatment isn't necessarily completely unfair. In most cases the player is simply not performing at an adequate level.

Last year it seemed like Clyde Gates took the title. He won it in a Week 2 contest in New England where he failed to make several relatively routine plays, any of which might have swung the result of the game. Even ending up on IR did not stop Jets fans from expressing their frustration with his play.

Who will that be this year? I'll guess Stephen Hill, the former second round pick who has accomplished little in the NFL. He has overwhelming athletic ability in a general sense, but the things he does well do not necessarily translate to a football field. He will have a chance to keep his starting job due to the Jets not targeting receiving talent in free agency outside of Eric Decker or on the first two days of the Draft. Unfortunately Hill has made almost no progress as a player. He is essentially the same receiver he was when the Jets drafted him. Even if he loses out on the competition to start, I imagine fans will continue to bring up his failure to develop at points where the offense struggles.

Who do you think the whipping boy will be?