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What Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 New York Jets schedule is as follows:

Week Team
1 Oakland Raiders
2 @ Green Bay Packers
3 Chicago Bears
4 Detroit Lions
5 @San Diego Chargers
6 Denver Broncos
7 @ New England Patriots (TNF)
8 Buffalo Bills
9 @ Kansas City Chiefs
10 Pittsburgh Steelers
11 BYE
12 @ Buffalo Bills
13 Miami Dolphins (MNF)
14 @ Minnesota Vikings
15 @ Tennessee Titans
16 New England Patriots
17 @ Miami Dolphins

I'm most looking forward to the Monday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins. It's cheating to say the home game against the Buffalo Bills, but I always love playing the Dolphins. First, because it's so enjoyable to beat them, and second, because a prime time beat down is even more enjoyable. It always stirs up great memories of the Monday Night Miracle. As a secondary option, I'm looking forward to the home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. My best friend is a Steelers fan, and we went to the game last year. While the end result was awful, it was fun to go, and we'll probably go again. What about you? What game are you most looking forward to?