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NFL Draft Might Be Leaving New York, Expanding to Four Days

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft has been in New York since 1965. That might be changing. Radio City Music Hall is unavailable to host the Draft next year. New York will still be in the mix in a new venue, but the league is also looking at Chicago and Los Angeles as potential hosts.

The Requirements:

1. Availability on two blocks of dates -- April 22-25 and April 29-May 2.

2. Ability to host an NFL fan festival in adjacent outdoor or indoor space.

3. Hotel availability for fans, media, staff and prospects.

The move back to April would be nice. It felt like the extra time this year by holding it in May just gave everybody extra time to overthink everything, even if it means those Jets fans who want to attend to boo the team's pick will have to travel a longer distance.

If you noticed, the blocks of dates are four days. The league is apparently considering the idea of adding a fourth day to the Draft. I don't love this idea. The first round is exciting. So is the second round. By the third round, interest starts to wane. It's fine to have one day dedicated to the less exciting later rounds. Two? I don't like it. But I'll probably still watch.