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David Nelson Missed OTA's After Being Quarantined

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

David Nelson, who could be anywhere from starting across from Eric Decker Week 1 to cut in preseason, missed OTA's after a scary illness in Haiti.

Jets wide receiver David Nelson missed the first week of OTAs with what coach Rex Ryan said was an "illness."

But Nelson didn’t just have the sniffles.

Nelson said this week he had "a bug" that he picked up when he was bit by a mosquito in Haiti doing charity work. Nelson had a 104-degree fever and strep throat. The Jets told him to stay away and get better.

"I was quarantined," Nelson said.

Terrifying stuff there. Hopefully Nelson is feeling a lot better.

Nelson is probably the fallback option in the starting wide receiver sweepstakes. His ceiling isn't very high, but his floor might be the highest of the competitors as a relatively reliable big bodied target who built moderate chemistry with Geno Smith last year.